2018 ROEE Convention excursions

please note: times are approximate, excursions may be canceled if too few participants


  • Option #1 - Spend the day visiting the historic sites where Lewis and Clark began their westward journey near St. Charles, Missouri (Missouri's 1st state capitol). 
  • Option #2


  • Washington State Park - In celebration of African American History Month, Washington State Park will host guided tours of the work of CCC Company 1743. Company 1743 was an African-American CCC Company and their work can be seen throughout the park. Park staff will lead and discuss the cultural heritage of Company 1743 and their craftsmanship.   


  • Elephant Rocks - One of the most curious geological formations in Missouri is found at Elephant Rocks State Park. Giant boulders of 1.5 billion-year-old granite stand end-to-end like a train of circus elephants. Many of the elephant rocks lie within the seven-acre Elephant Rocks Natural Area. This natural area is recognized for its outstanding geological value.      
  • Hughes Mountain - Hughes Mountain rises 380 feet above the floodplain of the nearby Big River and is comprised of Rhyolite, a type of igneous rock. See ancient volcanic rocks with unusual hexagonal structures and enjoy the view of the Ozark landscape from atop the ancient mountain.

For more information about Missouri State Parks please visit http://mostateparks.com.  



If you have extra time in the area before or after the conference, you may want to take time on your own in addition to our organized excursions to explore Missouri and the Ozark Region.