Workshop Descriptions

New England Pioneer

What was it like to live in New England in the 1800s?  What did people do to survive?  What tools did the pioneers use to survive? Students learn the answer to these questions through hands-on minds-on activities.  Activities include: Dutch oven cooking, log cabin building, hatchet skills, maul and froe, drawknife, blacksmithing, making tines, making shingles, washing clothes and crosscut saw. 

My Yellow Book
Each week, I say to arriving students, “Tell me what you are really learning at Sargent. Don’t tell me what’s on your schedule. I have it memorized. Don’t tell me Sargent is awesome. I already know that part. I just want to know what you’re really learning.”

Here’s a few Yellow Book quotes…

“I didn’t learn anything instead I remembered who I was.”

"At Sargent, I learned my fears have limits: but I don't."

"Sargent Center is like the most amazing experience ever! I will never be able to explain it. Sargent has taught me more about life and this world we live in. Most importantly Sargent has taught me more about me than I ever knew. I will use everything I have learned here in life. It is simply amazing.”

"Sargent Center: You don't just take home luggage; you take home the experience."

"Sargent, if anyone asks what I did at Nature's Classroom I'd tell them what I became.
I did things I have always dreamed of doing and bonded with students I would have never bonded with before. There is so much I have learned over these short five days.
I believe that I couldn't have learned anything like this anywhere else. When I leave Sargent Center, I will not be the same person. I evolved into a new person: a new human being."

"Sargent taught me to be who I am not who I was."

These are just a few samples of what students tell me they’re really learning at Sargent Center.  My Yellow Book workshop is designed to give outdoor professionals, of all ages, a detailed look at the foundation and guiding principles of the Sargent Experience. Long ago, I focused on the activities, but now the activities are the vehicles we travel in to make authentic and meaningful connections with the real world and meaningful and authentic connections with each other too!  That’s what we do at Sargent. Period. Come to The Yellow Book workshop to discover what’s hidden between the lines and possibly discover your WHY!

Larry Chambers, M.Ed.
School Program Director
Nature’s Classroom at Sargent Center

 “Larry Chambers, a cross between Santa Claus and a Southern Minister brings joy and passion to his work and others.” 

That’s how a classroom teacher recently described Larry.  The School Program Director at Sargent Center, Larry designs and directs the Sargent Center Outdoor School program for thousands of New England students.

An educator, storyteller, blacksmith and a passionate outdoor enthusiast.  Larry creates authentic and meaningful outdoor experiences that engage, educate, encourage and excite students of all ages. 


Connecting to Singing Through our Body and Thoughts

We will be experimenting with how coordinating our body and thoughts, can improve our vocal technique. Inspired by the Alexander Method.

No mater what our vocal challenge or experiences are. We will create a yes plan to expand our possibilities, to what we think is posable in our singing voice. We will be doing some singing and playing with sound, in what is called circle singing.

Let’s play with different sounds and music

Dream of what is possible

Sing from our whole body

Your friend in Song

Yedda Hay

Low Prop/No Prop Games!

You don’t need a fancy ropes course or a bucket full of materials to run awesome team building games with your students. In this workshop, you will learn games that require little to no prep or money but can have a profound positive impact on your students. These games will challenge you to use communication, cooperation, commitment, and care. Make sure to come ready to play outdoors!

Biography: Trish Fogarty discovered her love for the outdoors at summer camp and followed that passion to become a member of the summer camp administrative team at Camp Takodah. There she spent 8 fantastic summers working with youth, specializing in high ropes, low ropes, and team building initiative games. She later brought those skills to Sargent Center as an Outdoor Educator and is excited to now be part of the Cody Outdoor Education team!