Workshop Descriptions

L.B. Sharpe: A Look Back to Remind Us How We Got Here (Presented by Dr. Julie Carlson) - Dr. Lloyd Burgess Sharp (1895-1963) was a teacher, outdoor educator, professor, speechmaker, storyteller, master designer, director of Life Magazine's Fresh Air and National teacher training Camps, and founder of the National Outdoor Education Association. His educational approaches spread into public schools, summer and church camps, nature education, higher education and teacher preparation, and wilderness therapeutic programs where they are still evident. Although he was not the only early pioneer in outdoor education, he is attributed as having coined the term and has sometimes been referred to as the Father of Outdoor Education. In my talk, I'll share highlights of L.B. Sharp's contributions to the outdoor education movement in the U.S. and his philosophies of education that helped shape residential outdoor education as we know it and practice it today.

Empowering Youth Through Gender Inclusion (Presented by Mary Hanrahan) - This presentation will cover the history of gender stereotypes and the effect they have on student's development. The discussion portion will encourage participants to gain a better understanding of gender bias and evolving concepts of gender identity. The workshop will provide methods and resources to create an open and inclusive program for students of all gender identities.

Geology Hike (Presented by Melanie Sandfort)

Short Face Bear's Full of Gravy, Activities, and Facilitations for Programmers with Heart (Presented by Steve Gariepy) - Join Short Face Bear for a review of selected activities and facilitations focused on outward and inward connection, self-expression and development. Ancestral skills, craft and literature-based activities are framed (and/or re-framed) to produce positive outcomes that allow contemplation of personal nature connection and environmental responsibility while helping place participants in the chain of human history associated with the land. Eyes of the World, Mammoth Tracking, Dream Catching, Wilderness Walk, Shake Rattle and Roll, and more!

Mountain Man (Presented by John and Mary Robbins)

Gifts of Story-Telling (Presented by Julie Carlson) - A common characterization of L.B. Sharp, early pioneer in outdoor education, was that of a captivating storyteller. He often used his gift of storytelling to convey ideas and lessons in meaningful ways that resonated with his audience. This way of connecting with people is an indigenous way of knowing, as we all live storied lives. It is through the telling and retelling of stories that we define who we are and how we locate our common ground and discover the worth of new and different soils. In this session, some of L.B. Sharp's most notable stories will be shared, interspersed with reflection on what makes stories meaningful and what kinds of stories seem to offer the greatest lessons.

Stream Ecology (Presented by Erica Babb)

ROEE Excursion: Celebration of Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1743 (Washington State Park)

Observation Hike (Presented by Larry Juede)

Elements for Creating an Effective Program Curriculum (Presented by Kristen Schulte) - A significant amount of effort goes towards implementing a program curriculum, as it can be daunting to bring together or strengthen. This presentation will explore a framework with an example curriculum, through three broad stages that includes: looking backward, curriculum design, and the learning experiences. Participants will follow the framework with a self-evaluation, "scoring" the effectiveness of their organization's curriculum. At the end, participants will walk away with an outline of a curriculum action plan.

Discover Nature (Presented by Sam Faith)

NGSS and ROEE: A Match Made in Heaven (Presented by Katie Miesle) - Many of us have a constantly rotating staff of seasonal educators, with some long-time returners. New staff get overwhelmed by our content-heavy curriculum and managing student behavior in the great outdoors. Returners tend to "coast." Pairing the NGSS hands-on process with OEE activities allows our new and experienced staff to focus on creating meaningful, student-directed experiences in nature. Come hear the real success story, learn the process, get lesson plans, and be inspired.

Passing the Torch - Building a Fire to Light the Way (Presented by Curt Carter, Susan Fowler, and Steve Gariepy) - Through song, stories and sign we will share activities that have been creating relationships, strengthening communities and stoking the fire for nearly 60 years. We will learn how to re-kindle our individual fires to light the way. Only by understanding our past can we see into the future. We will use the medicine wheel to understand our present chart a course for the future. The earth is always speaking...we must merely take the time to listen with our hearts.

Social Media & Outdoor School (Presented by Peter O'Brien) - Social media is the fastest growing platform for advertising. Come learn how to run an effective social media account and how engaging in social media can better serve your program. Workshop Objectives:

  • Discuss the importance of social media in reaching a modern audience.

  • Discuss how to build a good social media account, including examples of what a bad social media account looks like.

  • Show advertising numbers and demographics for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, the three social media platforms that people 24 and under engage with the most

Consent: As Easy as Ice Cream (Presented by Linnea Joy Pierson) - Imagine what a culture of consent would look like. Where children learn how to express their boundaries and how to respect those of others so that they can interact appropriately as adults. Using psychology, neuroscience, stories and group discussion we will dig into what this means for us as outdoor educators and what we can do to work towards this goal. Ice cream included!

Can You Survive on the Oregon Trail? (Presented by Katie Miesle) - What a better way to experience history than by embarking on a historic journey of survival and imagination from Missouri to the Oregon Territory? We'll study excerpts of journals and letters from the 1800s to learn important landmarks and make our own maps. Then we'll sew satchels for our travel, and make our way out into the wilderness to gather food, track animals, build fires, and test our ability to survive hundreds of miles of wilderness.

Outdoor School Superheroes and Missions! (Presented by Johnny Gannaw and Meredith von Trapp) - Look up in the sky! It's a bird, It's a plane, NO it's an Outdoor School Superhero!! Join us for a session to share the 12 Superheroes of Waskowitz Outdoor School. Join us as we discuss the missions they serve and creatively collaborate on how we can continue to strengthen the missions of the work we do at centers around the globe. Bring your own missions and passions to make the world better!